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We finally know why that rumoured Jay Leno and David Letterman reunion never
In an interview with TV Insider, Leno revealed that he actually turned down the offer to reunite with Letterman this past spring. "When I did my last show, I asked Dave to send a 10-second tape. No, they didn't want to do it. All right, so why would I …
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Dirty Dave Letterman's 0 Million Divorce!
The “Late Show” host will face an ugly custody battle when he socks his long-suffering wife with a $ 400 million divorce, sources have told The National ENQUIRER. Dave, 68, and wife Regina Lasko, 54, have been leading separate lives since his affair …
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EXCLUSIVE PHOTO: David Letterman relishes in retirement with new beard as

EXCLUSIVE PHOTO: David Letterman relishes in retirement with new beard as
David Letterman appears to be enjoying retirement, and so does his facial hair. The former "Late Show" host was spotted in New York City on Wednesday with a white beard to complement is laid-back look in jeans, sneakers and a leather racer's jacket …
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How Harvey Pekar became one of David Letterman's greatest recurring guests
IT WAS ODD, a quirky approach, as if the comic bit, in the minds of the show's writers, could snidely be subtitled The Hoosier and the Loser. Several years in, as the upstart following Carson, David Letterman and his “anti-talk show” approach still …
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Jimmy Kimmel Stands Down On David Letterman's Final 'Late Show' Night
… making the news. Two minutes earlier, nobody covering the TV industry thought Letterman's time-slot competition should stand down on May 20. After Kimmel's email, reporters wondered whether NBC too would stand down that night, in deference to Dave.
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Jimmy Fallon gets emotional with heartfelt farewell to David Letterman on
The world has another day left to enjoy the 30-plus-year reign of David Letterman on late night television, but "Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon is feeling the loss already. Monday night, he spent a few emotional moments on his show to pay tribute to …

David Spade was almost our new David Letterman
Let's all imagine an alternate universe where Conan O'Brien never took over David Letterman's position as host of Late Night in 1993. One where instead, the late-night host we grew to know and love as Letterman's replacement was … David Spade.
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Jay Leno: The Vengeful Reason He Didn't Attend Dave Letterman's Final Show

Jay Leno: The Vengeful Reason He Didn't Attend Dave Letterman's Final Show
Jay Leno has a very good reason for not making a surprise appearance during David Letterman's final show! The former talk show host says he never forgot an instance in which Dave turned HIM down, and not showing up was his chance for revenge.
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Why Even David Letterman Purists Can Root for Stephen Colbert
I grew up a dedicated Letterman fan, which fueled my applying for an internship and later landing a job at The Late Show itself. I worked all over the production staff (mailroom, phones, music department) from 2003 to 2009, and even got to write jokes …
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Is That You, David Letterman?! Former Late Show Host Is Completely
Taking a cue from his replacement Stephen Colbert, David Letterman stepped out in NYC with his son, Henry, on Sunday, where the former Late Show With David Letterman host was dressed down and sporting a scruffy beard, appearing completely …
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David Letterman heading back to Ball State this month
MUNCIE — David Letterman will return to Ball State University Nov. 30 with filmmakers Spike Jonze and Bennett Miller, the university announced Wednesday,. Free tickets may be picked up from Emens Auditorium at the following times for the following …
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“Anybody who says anything now comes under fire,” says Shekhar Suman
So when the press started writing that the show looked like a Leno or Letterman show, I started asking people, who is Jay Leno, who is David Letterman? Because I didn't know! Then, Sony sent me to Los Angeles, and I watched Leno live. In terms of …
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When 'The X-Files' Became A-List: An Oral History of Fox's Out-There Success Story
I was doing David Letterman and hosting Saturday Night Live. CARTER I think I knew we were big when we were reviewed in The New Yorker, and they saw things in the show that even I didn't see. We ultimately got an order for 24 episodes that first year.
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Samantha Bee Prepares to Break Up Late-Night TV's Boys Club
“Writing for late night is the closest TV gets to a Civil Service job, so there's not a lot of turnover,” said Nell Scovell, a former writer for David Letterman and now a co-executive producer of ABC's “The Muppets.” Advertisement. Continue reading the …
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In Lois Colley Murder Investigation, 2 Are Accused of Stealing Hay From Farm
David Letterman, the composer Alan Menken and the financier Steven Rattner are all residents. Former Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg of New York also owns an estate there. Ms. Colley lived with her husband, Eugene Colley, 88, who built his fortune as the …
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Longtime David Letterman writer unearths industrial musicals as retro

Longtime David Letterman writer unearths industrial musicals as retro
… hotel ballroom or convention center — and then, if you were lucky, 500 copies of a record were pressed, most of which disappeared into the ether," said Steve Young, who stumbled upon these albums during his years working as a writer for David …
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Interview: Wolfmother Frontman On Drinking With Dave Grohl, Playing With Slash
I remember seeing STP on David Letterman in the 90's and falling in love with them! Being a vocalist is much like being an athlete as far as building and maintaining your vocal range. As a young guy back then finding your own voice, were there any …
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The Ridgefield Playhouse Presents DAVE'S FAVES COMEDY SHOW, Jan 29, 2016
The Ridgefield Playhouse Presents DAVE'S FAVES COMEDY SHOW, Jan 29, 2016 The Ridgefield Playhouse and Clark Construction Comedy Series bring a great night of comedy with some of David Letterman's favorite comedians on Saturday, January 29 …
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