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Late-Night Redefined: James Corden
A year ago, the host of 'The Late Late Show' was well-known only among Brits and Broadway theater junkies. Now James Corden's YouTube-friendly comedy is blowing up the Internet. By Jason Gay | Photography by Inez & Vinoodh for WSJ. Magazine …
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Cuba Gooding Jr., Johnny Depp, more actors who play the famous, infamous
It's a far cry from a previous turn as a real person in TNT's 2009 drama “Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story” about the famed neurosurgeon turned presidential hopeful. Gooding's not the first actor to play the famous and the infamous so well. Here are …
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Some TV comedians are seeing a serious drop in ratings
Late-night show hosts have always found plenty of fodder for comedy in politics. For years, Johnny Carson — and then his successor on “The Tonight Show,” Jay Leno — made it a point to skewer politicians in his monologue. But Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy …
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13 Facts You May Not Have Known About Jack Kirby
This video follows Kirby from his childhood in the Lower East Side to his time in the military, from his time at Marvel to his time at DC and back again and back again, as well as revealing his connection to Ben Affleck and his beef with Johnny Carson.
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Heeere's Johnny! Carson back again nightly in 2016
1, the Antenna TV Network will begin broadcasting reruns of the old “Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.” Being a multicast network, Antenna TV programs are delivered to customers through both cable and traditional over-the-air broadcast, reaching …
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Jimmy Kimmel Debuts Donald Trump Ad Made by the 'Poorly Educated' (Video)
After Donald Trump claimed to “love the poorly educated” during his victory speech in Nevada, Jimmy Kimmel decided that class of citizens needed more of a voice in the campaign. So on Wednesday's episode of of ABC late-night show, Kimmel debuted a …
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Aaron Paul on Breaking Bad prank: 'I felt like an a–hole'
Recalling the story on Monday's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Paul explained that he kept being asked about a possible season 6 of the hit series. “That hoax kept resurfacing throughout the years,” he said to host Jimmy Kimmel. “I decided to pull a …
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Chance the Rapper to perform on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'
The rapper is slated to perform "All My Friends" with British duo Snakehips and California singer Tinashe Thursday on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," Kimmel's reps announced Saturday. Chance performed "Ultralight Beam" with Kanye West on the Feb. 13 episode of …
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New Artists Festival to feature three student-run plays
… Accidental Liking of an Instagram Photo” and “Uprooted” will be performed at 7:30 p.m. on separate days in the Temple Building. Theatrix uses the New Artists Festival as a way to showcase the new writing and directing talents of Johnny Carson students.
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Johnny Carson programming returns to late-night TV
LOS ANGELES – All week, WGN will be remembering the great Johnny Carson. Full episodes of his classic show are returning to late-night TV. Recently, Dean Richards went to the Burbank, Calif., studio that Carson called home for more than two decades.
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We finally know why that rumoured Jay Leno and David Letterman reunion never
In an interview with TV Insider, Leno revealed that he actually turned down the offer to reunite with Letterman this past spring. "When I did my last show, I asked Dave to send a 10-second tape. No, they didn't want to do it. All right, so why would I …
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Dirty Dave Letterman's 0 Million Divorce!
The “Late Show” host will face an ugly custody battle when he socks his long-suffering wife with a $ 400 million divorce, sources have told The National ENQUIRER. Dave, 68, and wife Regina Lasko, 54, have been leading separate lives since his affair …
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See Zach Galifianakis carry Aubrey Plaza to her Jimmy Kimmel Live! interview
Aubrey Plaza isn't just adept at awkward comedy on the likes of Parks and Recreation; she's also the master of awkward interviews. Her Thursday night appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! continued this tradition. For a start, Plaza recently tore her ACL, …
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Jimmy Kimmel Asks Kids to Name 'Greatest Country in the World' – Their Answers
Jimmy Kimmel asked kids to name the greatest country in the world on Thursday's show, and some of the answers might surprise you, because it wasn't always the United States. Then again, the answers weren't always actual countries, either, but France …
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Jimmy Kimmel trolls Martin O'Malley by asking pedestrians to simply identify him
"Martin O'Malley is, I would guess, probably the least recognizable of all the candidates they let on TV," Jimmy Kimmel said on Tuesday's Kimmel Live. "But maybe not — maybe more people know him than I think." So, of course, Kimmel sent a camera crew …
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Racist or Nah? Twitter Is Ripping Jimmy Kimmel for #OscarsSoWhite Sketch
Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, host Jimmy Kimmel unveiled a plan to fix the Academy's diversity problem right now. But, as Black Twitter is pointing out, the offensive sketch only further proves the point that the root of Hollywood's diversity …
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Jimmy Kimmel Stands Down On David Letterman's Final 'Late Show' Night
… making the news. Two minutes earlier, nobody covering the TV industry thought Letterman's time-slot competition should stand down on May 20. After Kimmel's email, reporters wondered whether NBC too would stand down that night, in deference to Dave.
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Jimmy Fallon gets emotional with heartfelt farewell to David Letterman on
The world has another day left to enjoy the 30-plus-year reign of David Letterman on late night television, but "Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon is feeling the loss already. Monday night, he spent a few emotional moments on his show to pay tribute to …

David Spade was almost our new David Letterman
Let's all imagine an alternate universe where Conan O'Brien never took over David Letterman's position as host of Late Night in 1993. One where instead, the late-night host we grew to know and love as Letterman's replacement was … David Spade.
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More Seahawks Superlatives from Jimmy Fallon (and some on the Vikings)
That's the basis of Jimmy Fallon's “Tonight Show” segment “Superlatives,” which has already roasted the Seahawks. The Seahawks even fired back with their own jokes about Fallon (“Most likely to be less funny than Conan”). But now, with Sunday's …
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Watch Kendrick Lamar Perform a Brand New Song on Jimmy Fallon
Kendrick Lamar is quickly becoming the best music guest on late night television. Lamar performed a brand new song on The Tonight Show last night, the latest in a string of unique music spots. Earlier this year, Lamar performed a new song on the …
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WATCH: Jimmy Fallon Audition for 'Saturday Night Live'
Jimmy Fallon knows how to make a good first impression—in fact, he makes about a dozen of them! Fallon may be known today for hosting “The Tonight Show,” but he got his big break in 1998 after joining “Saturday Night Live.” His legendary audition for …
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